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The Boston Vegetarian Food Festival was October 27th-28th at the Reggie Lewis Center at the Roxbury Community College.  Amy, the magical shoe fairy who works at Sudo Shoes in Cambridge, gave me the hot tip that it was going to be super crowded, so she suggested to come early and come on Saturday if we actually wanted to taste any of the free food.

You’re the closest to heaven that I’ll ever be and I don’t want to go home right now.

John and I bought the early admission pass ($5 a person) which allowed us to enter the convention area a whole hour ahead of the plebs.  It was worth all 500 pennies.  We made a meal out of all the delicious samples.  There were treats from some of our favorite vendors such as Veggie Galaxy and Gardein

I got yer steak tipses right here, kid.

…and new things we hadn’t heard of but now purchase regularly like Viana’s Mediterranean Sausage and May Wah mock meats, Chinese style

We made “pork” fried rice with these and I was instantly transported back to Sunday nights watching Star Trek: TNG, eating take-out with my dad.

It was crowded after our magic hour was over, but we had already raced through and picked up a ton of samples like we were on an episode of Supermarket Sweep.

What was really nice about this event was that you actually got to talk to a lot of the proprietors of the companies presenting there.  Many veg companies are small or even start ups (such as Makoma’s juices, a delicious baobab fruit juice company who are trying to get their product carried in local stores) and want to take the time to grab your attention since every consumer counts (only about 3.2% of the US population identifies as vegetarian, and 0.5% as vegan).

Hands down the best vegan soft-serve I’ve ever had. I’d chase this truck for blocks for a cone!










We got to speak to the passionate husband-wife team that runs FoMu vegan ice cream in Allston, the sweet ice cream truck lady who runs Like No Udder in Providence (I am going to chase this ice cream truck down next year like an 8 year old but with a car, and yes we had ice cream for lunch that day), and one of the volunteers from NEAVS (the New England Anti-Vivisection Society).

It was a great time, and I hope that next year I can convince a few veg-curious or even just folks looking to try something new to tag along.  It’s worth battling the crowds.  I mean, look at our haul!

An Herbivore’s Smorgasbord.